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We are currently in the development process of our first game 'Alvorth'. The timer reprecents the timer we have left before our release. Make sure to subscripe to stay up to date!

About Us

Our Story

As IT developers we always wanted to be more creative. We wanted to build worlds that would tell stories. With this idea in mind we started Ridgeback Games and started with developing 'Alvorth'.

Doing what we love

As passionate storytellers and gamers we will settle for nothing less than leaving a mark. Using our experience as designers and animators we aim to design fantastical worlds where you can lose track of time.

Our Dream

Our main goal is to give our players the best experience possible. We achieve this by closely collaborating with our players and striving for the highest of quality. We currently invest all our spare time into development of our first game ‘Alvorth’ and our dream is to someday be able to make this our full time endeavor.


Want to stay up to date with our progress? Make sure you follow our social media channels. We will post our progress and we need you for feedback!

  • Summary

    Alvorth is a digital, collectible, deck building card game, set in a fantasy universe and is heavily inspired by the Viking age. take on the role of one of the Berserkers and fight a world-dominant threat. Can you keep control over yourself or will go you completely berserk?

  • Gameplay

    Alvorth has its focus set on strategy and personalization. The game is a turn-based card game between the player and his opponent. Using constructed decks, players can use their limited stamina/energy to use skills or attacks to defeat their opponent.